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Pig Roasts by Mike's Big Dawgs

Pig Roast at Your Location!

Impress your friends!  Great presentation and delicious food for ANY occasion.

We offer 4 different options to fit into any budget.  Prices below based off of 50 guests.  With larger pigs or multiple roasts at the same time we can accommodate up to 200 people with our pig roasts.

Option 1: Best Price

If you just want to rent our La Caja China box, rental price starts at $100 for a 24 hour period.  There is also a $100 fully refundable deposit upon return of the box.  (other fees such as pickup/dropoff and cleaning fees may apply).  We can supply the pig at cost if needed.

Option 2: Best Value

Prices starting around $400 plus the price of the pig to feed approximately 50 people and includes rental of our La Caja China Pig Roasting box, 60lb pig, side dish, and dessert. (other fees such as pickup/dropoff and cleaning fees may apply).  We drop off our La Caja China box loaded with a fully marinated pig, charcoal, and instructions on roasting.  In 4 to 5 hours your guests will be ohhhing & ahhhing at the yumminess in front of them.

Option 3: Let us do all the work

Everything in our Option 2 package, but with full-service, where we stay on-site, roast your pig, & serve your guests.  We can even cook up hot dogs & hamburgers right on the Caja China to feed your guests while they wait for the pig to be done!  Contact us and let us know what you have in mind!

Option 4:  Drop off catering 

We cook the pig at our location. Carve and deliver to your location hot, fresh, and ready to eat with 2 side dishes & 1 dessert. Includes plates, dishes, & silverware.  Starting at $500 plus the price of the pig for approximately 50 people.

**We also rent our NY Style Hot Dog cart.  Ask for details.   You can see pictures here

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For more information on having a Pig Roast for your next event, please call us at (813) 398-6000, email us at, or click below.

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